Non-Resident Travel Insurance for visitors to Australia

Policy Detail

Our Visitors to Australia policy is for non-residents who are visiting Australia. If this sounds like you and you are looking for a top level of cover for your holiday in Australia then enter your details below for a quick quote.

As many companies refuse to sell travel insurance to non-residents, and don't offer cover for travel around Australia, you will have a lot of trouble getting proper cover for your trip. The great news is that 1Cover are now doing exactly this type of policy. If you have just arrived and forgot to get travel insurance from your home country then don't worry, we will offer you good value coverage.

Under the Plan G Visitors to Australia policy you can enjoy unlimited medical and health coverage, including emergency medical assistance. You are protected in the case of a medical accident or illness during your time in Australia.

You also have protection for a range of other unexpected travel accidents. For example you’ll be covered for theft, damaged or misplaced luggage. If you are hiring a car the policy will cover the rental vehicle excess up to $2,500.

We have been trusted by over 1 million customers worldwide to look after them when they travel. We offer all our customers 24 hour Emergency Assistance, 365 days a year.

If you have any questions or would like some more information about this policy, please give our helpful staff a call on 1300 192 021.